– The Abroad Job Consultancy, is a brand owned by Abhinav Outsourcings. Abhinav ( is a pioneering company in the field of immigration consultancy, building on 25 robust years of experience in this dynamic industry. The brands owned by Abhinav includes-

Having accumulated a wealth of goodwill and credibility, the organization consistently aims towards maximizing the convenience of our diverse clientele by upgrading the scale and quality of services. Our latest innovation – – The Abroad Job Consultancy, introduces an exclusive platform dedicated to prospective immigrants who are seeking overseas jobs.

Bridging the Gap of Global Skill Requirements

This job portal is aimed towards connecting job seekers to foreign-based employers, who wish to hire these skilled workers to fulfil the occupational shortages in the labour market of their country. This mutually beneficial arrangement allows employers to recruit eligible candidates who can compensate for the skill shortages and contribute to the local economy; and in turn provide an unbeatable incentive for immigration to prospective employees. Consequently, future expats can gain awareness regarding the availability of employers and demand of their occupation in a foreign land, even before landing!

Canada Jobs Visa

In Canada, securing a valid job offer allows an applicant under the Express Entry System to claim 200 additional points in the Comprehensive Ranking System – the point-allocation tool that determines eligibility for permanent migration. Various provinces and territories also have immigration streams committed towards candidates who hold a valid job offer from a local employer.

Australia Jobs Visa

Being sponsored by an employer in Australia can convince state or regional authorities to issue a nomination in the applicant’s favour, and may eventually lead to permanent residence.

New Zealand Jobs Visa

In New Zealand, those applying under the Skilled Migrant Category Resident visa can gain 50 additional points for securing an employment offer form an NZD employer and subsequently gain permanent resident status.

UK Jobs Visa

To qualify for a Tier-2 Work Visa in the United Kingdom, it is mandatory to possess a job offer from an employer in the country. This enables skilled workers to reside in the UK for a longer period of time, in comparison to a work permit.

USA Jobs Visa

USA the most coveted immigration destination has a broad range of viable visa options for skilled workers who can attain a valid job offer which enables them to work and reside in the country, on a temporary or permanent basis.

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