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Jobs in Australia In 2022

Australia is an excellent destination to live and work for so many reasons. The economy of Australia is booming and attracts the best and the brightest of people globally. Because of promising job opportunities in Australia, high living standards, world-class education, and excellent healthcare benefits, many Indian professionals choose to live and work in Australia. Australia is also the second happiest country in the world. And, according to the United Nations’ Human Development Index, Australia scores high for having excellent access to education, high life expectation, and socioeconomic well-being.

Australia also ranks high in the Better Life Index released by Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). Australia also values high income, housing, community, education, work-personal balance, environment, citizen participation, health, life satisfaction, and safety.


Top Reasons to Work in Australia

Abundant Job Opportunities

You will be surprised to know that as of February 2021, the unemployment rate in Australia was just 5.8%. While other countries were experiencing job shortages due to the pandemic, Australia had skilled workers’ shortage-means the country had more job openings than the available workers. It gives qualified professionals a fantastic opportunity to start their immigration process and look for jobs in Australia.


Excellent Work Environment
Besides the whopping pay and promising employment opportunities, Australia also boasts an incredible working culture, making this country a perfect working destination.
The country is lauded for providing an outstanding work/life balance as the typical working hours are only 9-5 with excellent perks and employment benefits.


Booming Economy
Australia has a thriving economy that has shown remarkable growth consistently for over two decades. It is the 13th largest economy globally with the 10th highest per capita income. Australia also offers higher wages to its workforce backed by sufficient opportunities for growth and prosperity.


Numerous pathways for permanent settlement
The government of Australia offers several visa streams for overseas workers planning to relocate to Australia. There are numerous options for professionals who wish to work in Australia, either through permanent residency or temporary pathways, from skilled independent visas to employer-sponsored, Australia job visa, and regional visas.


The Australian government offers the following immigration programs:

  1. General Skilled Migration Program
  2. Temporary Work Visas
  3. Working Holiday Visa
  4. Business Innovation and Investment (Provisional) Visas
  5. Business Talent – Subclass 132 Visas


Presence of a multicultural society
Immigration is what keeps Australia going towards the path of economic prosperity. Immigrants have made Australia a multicultural society. As an immigrant, you will not feel isolated as people will have a good attitude towards you. Since Australia extensively relies on immigration, all policies and systems are designed to welcome immigrants from varied cultural, occupational, and academic backgrounds.

How to look for jobs in Australia?

Indian professionals who want to secure a job in Australia and a visa often find it challenging to get the right job opportunity in the country. It is mainly because of the lack of knowledge regarding the occupations in-demand and the immigration process. Jobs in Australia for Indians are in high number provided we know the proper steps and technique land the perfect opportunity.

  • Apply for skilled visas- As mentioned already, Australia offers a range of skilled worker visas that permit foreign individuals to work, study, and live in the country. Subclass 189, Subclass 190, and Subclass 482 are popular visa pathways that make it possible for skilled professionals to relocate permanently to Australia and become part of its dynamic labor force.
  • Complete skills assessment- The process of moving to Australia and looking for a job is incomplete without the skills assessment process. A skill assessment is a designated body in Australia that evaluates a person’s education and work experience obtained outside Australia. The purpose is to check whether an applicant’s education is as per the Australian standards.

Some of the skills assessment bodies are described as follows:

Name of the organizationFull Name
AACA​Architects Accreditation Council of Australia
NAATINational Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters Ltd
TRA (trades)Trades Recognition Australia
VETASSESSVocational Education and Training Assessment Services
MedBAMedical Board of Australia
IPAInstitute of Public Accountants of Australia
Engineers AustraliaThe Institute of Engineers Australia
CAANZChartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand
Connect on Global Job PortalsLinkedIn, Seek, APS Jobs, Grand Connection, etc., are some of the leading job portals in Australia where job seekers may look for the highest paying jobs in Australia. Each platform has its target audience and a set of databases where applicants can connect with prospective employers across several sectors and track their job application status. These websites also provide general information for job seekers in entry-level, executive, and even managerial roles.


What are the requirements to apply for jobs in Australia?

To find jobs in Australia, you need to meet the below requirements:

  • Minimum bachelor’s degree from a recognized academic institution
  • Work experience in one of the occupations mentioned in the Skilled Occupation List.
  • Positive skills assessment from a designated body in Australia
  • Competent language proficiency in English
  • Health and character certificate


What are the documents required to get a job in Australia?

To find jobs in Australia for Indians, the below documents will be required:

  • A valid passport with a validity of more than six months
  • Two recent passport-sized photographs
  • Education assessment report
  • Evidence of English proficiency (IELTS/TOEFL)
  • Proof of professional qualifications and work experience (reference letters, offer letters & relieving letters)
  • Medical examination report & Character Certificate


What are the top ten highest-paying jobs in Australia?

OccupationsAverage Salary (yearly)
Financial Dealer$275,984
Mining Engineer$184,507
Enterprise architecture manager$168,762
Senior Lawyer$124,759
System Architect$120,668
Enterprise and software architect/manager$138,933 – $142,355
Construction Manager$350,000

How Can Job Visa help you?

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Under our premium service, we provide the below services to all overseas job seekers:

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Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to secure a job in Australia?

Before you arrive in Australia, make sure you have the right visa. If you want to get a job, it’s crucial to have a visa that matches your skills and experience. There are numerous visa options for foreign skilled professionals looking to work in Australia.

You can get the visa if you are one of the following:

  • Skilled worker
  • A working holiday visa holder
  • A person participating in specific activities
  • An entrepreneur
  • A business investor
  • An international student
  • A highly-specialized person

Do I need a sponsor?

Though it’s unnecessary to have a sponsor every time you apply for a work visa, having a sponsor is an added advantage to the candidate as it helps you get your visa faster.

There are two ways to get sponsorship- first, you can find a sponsor on your own, or you can submit an Expression of Interest through SkillSelect and then apply for an employer-sponsored visa.

What kind of visa do I need to work in Australia?

There are several visa options available for overseas workers. You can search about different visa options on the Department of Home Affairs website. You can go to the website and explore visa options.

The kind of visa you need to work in Australia depends on how long you want to stay in the country and the type of work you want to do.

Apart from a visa, you will need to fulfill other eligibility requirements such as education, work experience, language skills, etc.

Will there be any restrictions on my visa?

Restrictions depend on the type of visa you have applied for. If it’s a skilled independent visa, you can work for any employer anywhere in Australia. On the other hand, if it’s a skilled regional provisional, you must work in a specific region for at least four years before applying for a permanent residency visa in Australia.

It’s crucial to understand the rules and restrictions related to your visa. It will help you know what you can do and can’t do with the visa.

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