Job growth is thriving in Austria! Apply for an Austria Job Seeker Visa and seek employment in the country for 6 months under the Red-White-Red Card Scheme.

Austria Job Seeker Visa & Work Visa Requirements 

Austria is an economically prosperous European country. It is one of the world’s oldest nations and is home to a significant number of immigrants from many countries. Austria is a member of the European Union, and German is its official language.

If you want to work and settle in this beautiful nation, the Job Seeker Visa for Austria is your ticket. This visa allows you to enter Austria and look for work for 6 months under the Red-White-Red Card Scheme.

Please keep in mind that the Austria Job Seeker visa only enables ‘Very Highly Qualified Workers’ to enter the country. After finding work, you can convert your visa to a Red-White-Red (RWR) card.

What Exactly Is a Red-White-Red Card?

A Red-White-Red Card is an Austria Work Visa and residency card that permits its possessor to stay and work in Austria for up to two years. This visa is only available to some because it is only granted to highly talented persons from other countries who seek to work in Austria. This permit’s qualifying conditions are scored using a point system. Personal qualities such as language skills, professional achievements, age, and work experience are all assessed appropriately inside the framework.

You will be eligible for a Red-White-Red Card if you fall into any of the following categories:

  • Highly qualified employees
  • Skilled workers in scarce occupations;
  • Other key workers
  • Graduates of Austrian universities and institutions of higher education

Unlike the Job Seeker Visa for Austria from India, The permit is issued in the form of a card with a picture and functions as an identification card. As a result, keeping it on hand is crucial in case you need to establish your residency status.


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Documents Required for Austria Job Seeker Visa

You must submit the following documents to apply for the Job Seeker Visa:

  • A Valid Passport
  • Certificate of Birth
  • A passport-sized photograph (45x35mm, should not be older than six months)
  • Proof of Local Residence ( lease contracts, preliminary agreement on tenancy rights, or ownership evidence)
  • Proof of 6-month health insurance that covers all risks (compulsory health insurance or equivalent insurance policy)
  • Proof of funds of at least 4-5 lakhs per individual (Bank Statement for 6 months, insurance benefit certificates, evidence of retirement or other pension or insurance benefits, investment capital, or sufficient own assets) for the Job Visa for Austria
  • Proof of accommodation (need to reserve a hotel or hostel for 6 months)

Requirements for an Austria Work Visa

In addition to the standard Austria Work Visa requirements, you’ll need the following documents for a work permit:

  • Statement of the Employer. According to the Act Governing Employment of Foreign Nationals, your employer is required to present you with a statement (AuslBG).
  • Proof of Professional Qualifications. These include references and employment verification.
  • Evidence of Language Skills. You must show confirmation of German or English language skills in the form of an internationally recognized diploma for Job Seeker Visa for Austria
  • Research Activities. You must also submit any research publications or statements from universities where you worked as a researcher or at a research center.
  • Patent Registration. An excerpt from the national/regional patent register is used to register a patent (if applicable).
  • Proof of Last Year’s Annual Gross Salary. These include tax returns that prove your salary.
  • Proof of Your Previous Position. You must offer proof from your prior workplace that you held a leadership position.
  • Proof of Your Previous Company’s Status. You must also show proof that the company you worked for is publicly traded on the stock exchange.
  • Proof that You Studied In Austria. These include proof via your study record (Studienbuch) and necessary exam certificates.
  • Proof the Habilitation. This is a postdoctoral lecturing qualification that certifies you as qualified to do research or teach in a scientific discipline for Job Seeker Visa for Austria from India.
  • Employment Contract. You must submit a copy of your contract from your current employment in Austria detailing your annual gross pay.

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How to Apply for an Austrian Work Visa?

To apply for a Red-White-Red Card or Austria Work Visa, there are a number of steps that must be taken.

Step 1: Find a job in Austria

Before applying for a work permit in Austria, you must have a job lined up. You can only apply for the Red-White-Red Card visa if you have proof of employment (a work contract).

Step 2: Apply For Work Permit

You are entitled to apply for an Austria Job visa if you are employed in Austria. Your company can apply for the permit on your behalf through their local residence authority, or you can do it yourself through a representative authority in your home country.

Step 3: Obtain a work visa.

While an Austria work permit permits you to work and reside in Austria for an extended period of time, you cannot enter the country without a D visa. Before moving to Austria, you must apply for a national D visa.

Similar to Austria Job Seeker Visa, a national visa allows you to stay in Austria for up to 6 months; in this case, the visa’s sole purpose is to allow you entry into Austria; after you receive your Red-White-Red card, the visa is no longer required.

Remember that you have three days from the time you arrive in Austria to register with the registration office.

Step 4: Travel to Austria

Once you have obtained a work visa, you can fly to Austria, pick up your work permit, and start finding Austria Job Opportunities. After two years, you can apply for a Red-White-Red Card Plus, which allows you to stay in Austria for an additional two years.

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Where Can I Apply for a Work Visa in Austria?

To enter Austria with your national D visa, you can apply for Austria Jobs from India at your nearest embassy or consulate office. You can apply for your work permit at a local representation, but your employer may also apply for you in Austria. You should first apply for a work permit; if you acquire one, the visa process should be significantly quicker because you’re already listed as a future employer in Austria.


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Processing Time for Austria Work Visa 

An Austria work visa typically takes about 8 weeks to process. By then, you should have heard from the embassy. However, keep in mind that delays might occur for various reasons.

How Long Does a Work Visa in Austria Last?

An Austria Job Visa is valid for two years. During this time, you can work and live in Austria as freely as any other resident. If your employment contract expires before the two years are up, your visa will be extended for the duration of your employment plus three months.

If your work visa is due to expire, you can apply for an extension of your Red-White-Red Plus card, which allows you to stay in Austria for another two years. Furthermore, after having a Red-White-Red Plus card for two years, you can apply for another card and stay for three years. Three months before your visa expires, you must file for an extension.

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