8 Best Soft Skills Employers Want To See In Your Resume In 2022

93% Of Employers Look For Soft Skills In A Candidate’s Resume, According To A Recent Survey

While looking for a job, there are many ways to optimize your resume. You can look through the listing to determine the employer’s priorities in terms of experience and make sure you highlight what’s essential to them. You can include any significant accomplishments, such as reaching sales targets. You can provide a link to your LinkedIn profile.

Soft skills are one set of qualities that job gurus recommend you incorporate. According to Ian Siegel, co-founder and CEO of ZipRecruiter, “Soft skills are very important to them when deciding who to hire,” according to the company’s latest study: The Job Market Outlook for Grads.

Soft talents encompass a wide range of abilities. For example, Kristin Kelley, chief marketing officer of CareerBuilder, says, “I would say, in general, communication is quite high on that list right now considering how people are working in many varied contexts, hybrid situations.”

ZipRecruiter created a list of the most sought-after soft skills in its marketplace. Here are the top skills on the list, along with the number of site jobs requiring the expertise.

Skills Number of Jobs Listing
Communication 6.1 million
Customer Service


5.5 million


5 million
Time Management 3.6 million
Project Management


2.8 million
Analytical Thinking


2.7 million
Ability To Work Independently


2 million


1.3 million


When it comes to the significance of communication, Kelley thinks it’s partly due to the new remote and hybrid work arrangements that rely largely on technology. She gives the example of “how you respond to someone who sends you an email.” “Respond to them in writing within 24 hours.”

The increasing diversity has also increased numerous firms’ importance of communication, equity, and inclusion initiatives.

“To be a diverse and inclusive employer, you have to deal with all various kinds of individuals, which means you have to be able to communicate successfully with all different kinds of people,” explains Georgene Huang, co-founder, and CEO of Fairygodboss.

“No matter what kind of operational role you have, if you can’t arrange your time,” she says, you can’t be effective regarding scheduling and time management.

Finally, “people really have to be able to turn left, turn right on a dime, join the Zoom, and manage their own instant messages coming in,” says Kelley. There’s an easiness to multitasking and being able to swap what you’re doing at a moment’s notice that has grown since the epidemic and as more individuals continue to work from home.

Include your soft skills by providing real instances of how you’ve used them in your resume introduction or bullet points under your job descriptions. To know more about skill development and job opportunities, you can connect with us on 8595338595 or mail us at web@jobsvisas.com