A Handy Guide to Moving to Germany as a Civil Engineer

A Handy Guide to Moving to Germany as a Civil Engineer

The demand for civil engineers continues to skyrocket in Germany. Unquestionably, the country offers tremendous job opportunities to highly skilled and qualified civil engineers planning to build a prosperous career in the economic powerhouse of Europe. The demand for civil engineers is predicted to increase by 10% over the next few years. Therefore, now is the perfect time for Indians to apply for jobs visas in Germany and settle there permanently.


Reasons to move to Germany as a Civil Engineer

As Europe’s economic engine, Germany is among the top ten countries civil engineers worldwide aspire to settle in. The country is currently experiencing a massive shortage of civil engineers, for which ample jobs are available for professionals in this domain.

Moving to Germany means thriving in a stable, robust, resilient economy with abundant career prospects. The country is lauded for its outstanding infrastructure, social security benefits, world-class education, and work-life balance. Germany is also the seventh-happiest country in the world, so you and your family will enjoy a comfortable and peaceful life.


Moving to Germany- What potential immigrants should know?

Immigration to Germany is easier for the nationals of EU/EEA countries as they need not apply for a work permit before moving. There are also no stringent visa requirements for these nationals. All they need is a valid passport, accommodation, and register at the local registration office if their stay is beyond three months.

On the contrary, nationals from non-EU countries, such as Indian often find it difficult to move to Germany due to strict visa norms and bureaucracy in the process. Therefore, many Indians opt for a job seeker visa pathway that allows them to enter Germany to seek a suitable job for at least six months. Once they succeed in grabbing a valid job offer or contract, they can apply for a work permit that legally allows them to start working in Germany.

A reliable abroad job consultancy can help you learn about the process of obtaining the job seeker visa as well as the work permit.

Despite the high-demand, the competition still exists for many civil engineers as they need to demonstrate an advanced degree, sufficient work experience, and the minimum annual salary of €43,800 (as of 2023). The job offer must also match your qualification and work experience.


Civil Engineers’ Salary in Germany 

How much you are going to earn as a civil engineer in Germany depends on your work experience, education, the company size, and the region you live in. Entry level civil engineers may earn between €38.400 and €55.000 annually. However, the average base salary of a civil engineer is €44,514 (annually). Furthermore, experienced engineers may have a salary range between 62.000 and € 120.000 annually.


The average salary of a civil engineer in Germany based on education and experience:



The average gross annual salary based on experience


Entry level


3-10 years of experience


Over 10 years










Salary based on education












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