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Five Pro Tips for Getting Jobs in Australia


Marketing yourself effectively in the language and style that employers understand is often the key to an international jobs seeker’s success in Australia. Many foreign job seekers may not know the best way to market themselves to a typical Australian employer, especially when they have no ‘local experience’.

Here are five professional tips to supercharge anyone’s job search in Australia:

1. Go Local in Your Resume 

The first thing to do is to localize your resume in a way that is understandable to Australian employers. Make sure that words or keywords you put in your resume must match with the local language. You may also completely translate your resume to the Australian language when applying. On all your job applications double check the usage of grammar, phrasing and expression. As prospective employers will see your name, your country of origin, it’s easy for them to make assumptions about your language or communication skills. Try to adapt local expressions. You may also take help from your friends or relatives who are already in Australia to review your resume as per the country’s standards.

2. Take Help from Recruitment Agents

You can get in touch with recruitment consultants as they are very helping in guiding job seekers on what they should do and what not while searching for a foreign jobs and also doing help for getting working visa Australia. Sometimes, people lose crucial job offers because of lack of knowledge of the current job scenario, this is something a recruitment agency clearly understands and therefore can be a great resource. You may also ask the agency to advice you on CV writing skills.

Go out and talk to consultants. You can also attend job seminars and build your network for more help. The more you indulge yourself in networking and meet more people, you will become confident in your job search process and also learn a lot about the Australian job market.

3. Hone Your Interview Skills

Be sure to brush up on your interview skills as there are no second chances to make first impressions. No matter how smart or qualified you are, you must work on your interview skills to land your dream job. There are plenty of resources available such as YouTube to guide you regarding the type of questions that are usually asked by the employer. You may also choose to do mock interviews before jumping into the real one. The Australian employers are known for their indirect style of questioning as compared to other countries. Body language is yet other important part of an interview process, so don’t forget to work on it as well.

4. Convince them Your Importance

When searching a jobs abroad, one of the toughest tasks that people face is convincing the employer why it’s worth hiring a foreign candidate. The challenge begins from writing a cover letter itself. The idea is to sell yourself and persuade the potential employer that you are willing to relocate to their country, and that too at your own expense. And, also tell them why you are the most suitable candidate for this profile.

Also, it’s equally important to convince the employer that you are ready to go at lengths for a face-to-face interview, if required. Above all, market yourself just the way you do in your home country. Show them your worth, and why you are the best candidate for this job.

5. Conduct an Online Job Search

Get your head around applying for jobs through various online job portals. It’s easy, fast, and reliable. There are several online search engines that showcase job vacancies in Australia, specifically for prospective immigrants. Using these online job portals may help you connect with Australian employers who are more likely to hire overseas candidates.