Breaking the taboo – German language is not required to work in Germany

Working in Germany is every skilled professional’s dream with the abundant employment opportunities and social benefits in the nation. And, the Germany Job Seeker Visa is just the perfect pathway to pursue your career path in Germany. The visa is designed to allow the applicants to stay in Germany for six months and pursue job hunt for suitable opportunity that will succeed you to attain German Work Permit.

If you are willing to build your career in Germany, then you will come across with the dilemma of German Language. The thought of learning a new language will always haunt especially the European languages that has no resemblance to Indian Languages. To clear this dilemma, lets put out something straight – German Language is not mandatory to find jobs in Germany and you can still lead a successful career with English Language and Job Skills.

Let’s dig more to understand the perplexed correlation between the German language and Job opportunities in Germany:

What are the occupations that don’t require German Language?

Evidently, you don’t require German Language for job seeking purpose and as a matter of fact there are many occupations in Germany that you can pursue without learning the language.

Let find out:

  • Under the German job marker, you can apply for the positions in published in the English language for English speakers and you can also acquire Germany job seeker Visa without demonstrating any knowledge of the German language.
  • With the current practice in Germany, there are many companies who hire English speakers without knowing German due to the presence of major belt of MNCs and industrial boom in the country.
  • English language might not suffice the requirement Germany job search, you need to demonstrate very specific set of skills and experience to convince the internationally-recognized companies like SAP or IBM to hire you.
  • There are some professions that demand only university degree, no German proficiency – mainly software developer, analysts, consultants, project manager, sales personnel, engineers and managers.

What are the occupations that require German language?

Finding jobs in foreign countries become very challenging when you don’t learn the language but in Germany you will have the privilege of not understanding the language and still cracking the job opportunities with the help of English Language and gained Skills. On the contrary, there are some occupations which demands the German Language as per the law. Below are the details:

  • If you are applying for jobs under the Healthcare domain, then you must validate the proof of German skills for carrying out your responsibilities under the occupation. German language is a legal obligation for the jobs like medical doctors and registered nurses.
  • Lawyer and accountants may also find it difficult to find jobs without the German language as it is mandatory to understand the know-hows of German law and structure.

Silver lining is that these compulsory occupations make up very small percentage of the available job offers

If you still wish to learn the German language, then take these measures:

Considering the aforementioned statements, if you still wish to pursue German Language then first and foremost the German online class is the best option for you to find jobs in Germany.

Fun Fact – Did you know that English and German language have many similarities? They are linguistic siblings as they have a lot in common due to the same roots.

  • You can find free Online German Language tutorials with initial lessons for beginners and German grammar lessons for advanced learners.
  • Additionally, they have numerous interactive German language exercises along with German language orthography and language tests to improve the language proficiency.