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The refurbished the skilled based immigration system of UK will largely be profitable to overseas skilled workers, which is why there is UK Work visa for foreign individuals who want to provide their services and understanding to the UK labour market which is why there has been the approaching of the Skilled Worker Visa UK that has reformed the view jobs have been viewed and presented in UK for many.

When we talk of Skilled Worker Visa UK you are qualified for permanent residence or Indefinite Leave to remain in 5 years and in 6 years you can even apply for citizenship in UK for this visa. You can even bring your family members with you as ‘dependents’ on Skilled Worker Dependent visa. This visa has been substituted by the Tier 2 UK visa.


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For providing the right course to the job ambitions of many settlers who reach in to the United Kingdom, the UK immigration office has presented the Work Permit UK, as a way to provide a valid chance for skilled overseas job contenders to apply in highly in-demand jobs, thereby introducing a new pathway for them to discover. This visa helps you to gain adequate experience in the UK job market, improving your job description in the long run.

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One of the significant necessities to get jobs in abroad for novice’s and qualified skilled specialists alike has continuously been to secure a valid job offer from a licensed and eligible employer from UK. To prove this, you will be allocated a certificate of Sponsorship. This UK work permit visa is provided to forthcoming aspirant’s definite person for a specific role within a certain company.

For this visa you have to have a job offer from a guarantor coming from the UK and need a minimum of 70 points to be able to even apply along with other precise requests you need to fulfil. The skilled worker visa UK has come replacing of what they used to know as the UK Tier 2 (General) work visa.

Besides the ‘certificate of sponsorship’ from your employer for UK migration you will also need data regarding the designation or the post you have been offered by your employer in the UK. For the work permit UK you need to also give proof of knowing competent English as the next step.

Apart from this you need a valid passport as well as other documents, job designation and annual salary, occupation code of job as well as the name of the employer and their sponsor licence number that shall be present on the certificate of sponsorship.


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Also you need to give proof of sufficient funds for self-support in UK such as bank statements, proof of relation with partner or children, tuberculosis test results if you come from listed nation, valid ATAS certificate if your job is on PhD or higher one as well as a blank page on passport, criminal record certificate and certified translation if your documents are not in either English or Welsh.

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