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Got Your PR? Let’s Follow These Steps for Canada Job Search

Getting a job in Canada is easier said than done, in fact it’s one of the biggest hurdles when you are trying to immigrate across the Canadian borders. For this the Canadian government suggests that you secure your dream employment by familiarizing yourself with the country’s way of governance and work-life culture.

But for once we may have to agree on one thing that the Canadian government under the honorable prime minister Mr. Justin Trudeau has come up with end number of ways to boost exchange of foreign jobs aspires. With that being said, most of the Canadian provinces and towns offer documented proof of information pertaining to career advice and jobs on offer in their particular region.

Canada is an incredible country, its grandeur of welcoming foreign nationals with open arm to this date remains echoing around the world. So, if you’re here for an advice on pursuing your career aspiration in the maple leaf country, then make sure you follow these tips to succeed in Canada job search for landing a PR visa.

1. Know what the demand of your Canadian employer


Research is of utmost requirement when you’re searching for the specific jobs where you feel comfortable in. But having to know the job or its criteria is not the only thing to do when you’re investing your efforts and time in landing the perfect job opportunity. Canada job search becomes easy when you look for the essential skills put forth by the employer and also understand the employer’s relationship with staff and workplace environment. By having a thorough research, you could even brush up your skills as a contingency plan for successfully landing the job.

2. Start searching for specific jobs


The web space is a chock-full of resources and one can find endless help in getting a job in Canada. Googling your way forward is the current trend, where end number of recruitment portals and agencies stack-up to allure prospective candidates for fulfilling their client company’s requirement. But beware the internet cosmos is also home a lot of foul plays so choose your career options very wisely. The job bank is one of the best alternatives laid forth by the Canadian govt., here you can any & all types occupations listed in the country. Other than job bank you can also search for optimal jobs on our career portal.

3. Build your Resume to Canadian Standards


When it comes to resumes, Canada has its own ideals. The resume should be created focusing on the job application you’re applying to. It should be a cumulation of your vital information inclusive of all the feats you’ve achieved in your academic & professional career, also include any volunteer work you’ve done. But always remember to keep your resume short confined to not more than 2 pages with 8.5 x 11-page size.

4. Customize your LinkedIn profile with Canadian references


Canadian employers tend to look you up through social media accounts to get a feel of your personality. And lately, LinkedIn has become ‘The tool’ of the corporate world, so if you haven’t yet set up your account then you’re missing out on a lot of things. From latest information to individuals who are at the zenith of their careers to foreign jobs from around the world – it is your one stop solution to fulfilling your Canadian dreams. Try to connect with as many Canadian job providers as possible to build references for your successful migration to Canada.

By having your LinkedIn customized you really stand out from the rest of aspirants who are in line to full those Canada job vacancies.

 5. Make reasonable expectations


Been there, done that! Yeah, we have all been in a position where job search took longer time than expected. Despite whether you’re in India or Canada job search is a patient process where it might take up to 2 months to finding the best job. So always be rational and stay up to date with the labor regulation and industry.

The employment market being very competitive, we’re sure that there’s always a chance of getting a job in Canada for anyone who possesses a peeked interest in learning.

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