How Indians can live and work in Austria

How Indians Can Live and Work in Austria?

Are you skilled professional planning to work overseas but don’t have a work visa or an offer? Various countries have stringent norms regarding overseas workers. However, some countries in Europe offer job-seeker visas to people who wish to live and work in a specific country. Out of all, one country that continues to make strides among potential immigrants is Austria. The interest in an Austria Job Seeker Visa From India can be seen in the way the country is welcoming skilled immigrants without a job offer or sponsorship.

Austria grants a job seeker visa to third-country nationals who possess the right skills, qualifications, and work experience to become part of the country’s workforce. The visa is valid for six months for job searching. Interested candidates must score at least 70 points to be eligible for this visa.

If the visa holder succeeds in getting a job offer during these six months, they can apply for a Red-White-Red-Card, which is a residence permit to work in Austria. The Red-White-Red-Card allows the holder to live and work in Austria for a longer duration.


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Please note that a job seeker visa only allows you to search for a job in Austria. It is not a job guarantee in itself. Applicants must actively look for a job during their stay in the country.

Austria Job Seeker Visa Eligibility

The basic requirement for Austria Job Seeker Visa is that the applicant should meet all essential requirements for the visa. To do so, you may submit a valid travel document, comprehensive health insurance coverage, and sufficient funds to manage your expenses for the entire stay in Austria. Moreover, the applicant must also not be denied entry to Austria, and the issuance of the visa must not pose a threat to public safety.

The candidate must also fulfill all necessary criteria determined for very highly qualified workers. For this, the Austrian Labour Market Service (AMS) reviews your education, work experience, age, and language skills, gives you 70 out of 100 points. Generally, this is only possible for applicants with a university degree, managerial work experience, German or English language skills, and are not over 45 years.

Processing cost for Austria job seeker visa

The Austria Job Seeker Visa Cost from India is £150. The fee for Austrian Red-White-Red-Card is € 120 for persons older than 6 years; for children up to 6 years, the total fee is € 75.

Apart from this, you will have to pay for the following cost:

€ 20 for persons older than 6 years; for children up to 6 years: € 50

Costs of personalization (fingerprints, scan of photography and signature): € 20


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