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How Much You Can Earn as An Entry Level Software Engineer in USA

If you have just graduated as a software developer, and searching for jobs in USA in the IT industry, you probably be wondering about the entry-level salary packages for your profession. It comes as no surprise that the war the IT talent is quite fierce globally. Irrespective of geographical boundaries, many techies are choosing to migrate to the USA for better job prospects.


Software development is considered as one of the highest paying jobs in USA backed by amazing perks and benefits that are beyond the base salary. Apart from just salaries, the majority of employers in the US provide friendly and supportive culture to their employees, where they can look forward to a bright and fulfilling career.


Talking about the salary part, software developers in the USA are generally paid on a monthly basis rather than just hourly. As per a survey report by ZipRecruiter, a popular American employment marketplace, the annual salary for an entry-level software engineer might range between USD 64,500 to 48,500. The national average entry level software developer salary is USD 57,198.


While a majority of US employers are preferring to outsource their projects to foreign countries or emerging markets to keep labor costs low. Anyone who is working with such outsourcing companies may not expect to get huge salaries as compared to developers who are working in the US.


You can expect a significant salary raise as you gain more and more experience in your profession. Therefore, for people with considerable experience in the field of software development searching for the USA job vacancy are more likely to get handsome salaries and perks as compared to freshers. On an average, software developers can earn up to $124,000 nationwide, but there are various companies in the US that offer salaries even much more than that.


How much you earn as an entry-level software engineer also varies a lot on the basis of which software language you have gained expertise in. Below is the list of salary structure paid to software developers based on their skills:

Rank Language Average Salary


















Job search in the US can be a tricky affair, there you must give a lot of thought when choosing to work with a company. It’s quite obvious for job seekers to list salary as the top-most priority when searching for jobs. Even the majority of them also seek advise from overseas job consultants to get an idea of their job prospects in the USA and the chances do they have to earn higher salaries in the country. One must note that there is a big difference between landing a job and landing a high-paying job, especially if you have just started your career.


According to a report published by, the annual pay for an entry-level software engineer might go up to USD 189,000 in Google. On the other hand, an IT fresher Jobs in USA at Facebook can earn an average salary of 166,000 USD.

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