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How to Seek Jobs Abroad from India ?

Job opportunities in developed countries are attractive for a plethora of reasons. Employment benefits, social security, an improved standard of living, healthy work environment and ideal work-life balance appeal to foreign workers seeking jobs abroad. Creating the ideal life in one’s dream destination requires rigor, patience and strategy. If this pursuit is approached in a targeted manner, several procedural hurdles can be avoided.

Step 1: Plan

Before commencing the job search, an aspirant must select the country – and region within that country – where job vacancies are available for their occupation. If the job seeker’s occupation is not in-demand in a particular location, they must search for gainful employment opportunities elsewhere. It is also necessary to factor in the cost of living, work conditions, rights and regulations, and visa eligibility requirements of the country.

The candidate’s skill set and expertise should be relevant to the chosen industry/ies in which they are seeking overseas jobs. If the intention is to settle abroad in the long-term, it is necessary to explore permanent residency visa pathways in the country of choice. Additionally, the applicant could undergo assessment through a relevant authority, to determine the foreign equivalency of their skills, education, training and work experience.

Step 2: Prepare

The CV or Resume of the applicant should be updated and designed according to the standard format followed in the destination country. It is also necessary to draft a cover letter detailing the candidate’s interest and suitability for a specific job profile. Recruiters and employers may also view the social media profiles of the job seeker. The aspirant should also be prepared to answer questions regarding visa requirements, especially if the foreign employer is expected to act as a sponsor.

Step 3: Connect

To begin the job hunting process, the job seeker must connect with prospective employers through credible platforms. This includes personal connections, job boards, global recruitment agencies, authentic online job portals, overseas job consultants, or direct enquiry.

A job portal or consultant can connect job seekers to an exclusive pool of employers who are genuinely looking for foreign workers to fill job vacancies, and are authorized to hire people from abroad. The consultant can also provide guidance regarding suitable countries or employers, eligibility requirements, and the immigration process.

Step 4: Apply

The aspirant can apply for job vacancies that suit their profile and are open to foreign nationals, by sending their CV and cover letter to the prospective employer. If approved, there will be a proper screening process, including an interview. Applying through an intermediary such as a job portal or consultancy can add credibility to the candidate’s profile.

Step 5: Permission

In order to pursue lucrative career options overseas, an employee must obtain valid documentation – a relevant visa or work permit – that allows them to enter the country in order to work for a specific employer or search for job opportunities post-landing.

While exploring and pursuing jobs abroad may seem to be an evasive goal, undertaking adequate research and receiving authentic guidance will make this ambition more accessible.