Job openings in Canada & Germany for nurses

Huge Job openings in Canada & Germany for nurses and seniors care providers

As we are already aware of the fact that Canada and Germany are the leading countries in generating jobs in Canada and Jobs in Germany for the newcomers. Both countries are the powerhouse of Industrial revolution that has witnessed the economic boom with the change in policies of the Govt.

At the outset of this drive, the Mexican government recently posted 140 job openings in Canada and Germany exclusively for the for nurses with a remuneration of maximum CAD 6000 / EUR 4100 per month. The foreign jobs posting was published on Mexican Government’s employment portal that includes opportunities for registered nurses and Senior-Citizen care providers. The purpose behind these posting is to find the suitable candidates for the host countries who are facing trouble in filling with their own citizens.

If we consider the statistics, The World Health Organization (WHO) strongly recommends 6 nurses for every 1,000 citizens of a country for better medical care facilities for its citizens. With these recommendations, Germany has a total of 40 job openings available in the state of Bavaria for nurses. These positions are strategically spearheaded to take care of the aging citizens of Germany. Along the line of Germany, Canada offered 50 job openings for nurses in July 2019, however the openings have now increased the number of positions.

And, in Quebec we can see there are 100 new openings for the registered nurses with the monthly salary of CAD 3300. The silver lining is that the monthly salary can reach up-to as CAD 6000 per month, considering the experience and qualifications.