Jobs in Canada

3 Easy Steps to Get Job in Canada from India

There are abundant jobs in Canada for Indians, especially after the post-pandemic era. This is the
perfect opportunity for skilled professionals where markets and businesses are opening. Many
professionals are aiming to grab the opportunity that overseas destinations offer. Pandemic has created
a huge vaccum in the job market, and many people lost their jobs, but now many job opportunities are
getting created due to this void. Furthermore, the government has implemented many policies that
benefit many small and medium businesses to run daily.

Due to these policies and positive job market trends, job opportunities in Canada are on the rise. Along
with the jobs, permanent residency applications are also piling up rapidly. Many professionals take the
job offer route, which helps them to acquire Canada PR Visa. A Canadian job will open doors for
permanent residency and citizenship in Canada with the provision of a point system in the Canada
Express Entry.

There are plenty of jobs in Canada for Indians, but sadly, most professionals do not know how to
approach or conduct a job search in Canada. Indians professionals believe that finding a Canadian job
from India Below are the three easy steps that will help you obtain a job in Canada from India:

  • Draft a Canadian Standard Resume

Resume writing should be your first step in the job search. A perfect Canadian resume will put you in the
driver’s seat for reaching the maximum number of employers in Canada. It can bypass the filters and ATS
regulations set by the HR Departments of Canadian organizations. However, it takes a lot of effort,
expertise, and experience to create a perfect CV. It would be advisable to the help of a professional
resume writing agency. These experts know the parameters and factors of Resume drafting which are
deemed suitable for the Canadian job market. On average, a Canadian company receives thousands of
job applications each month, and it becomes difficult to filter these applications. Therefore, most of the
companies adopt a new method of “Application Tracking System” to filter, evaluate and select suitable
resumes. This system scans all the resumes and picks the best resumes based on the keywords, formats,
profiles, alignment, photos, etc. And, to bypass these filters and systems, you need to have a solid
Resume prepared by professionals.

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  • Choose the right medium for job application

The year 2021 has changed the entire job search game due to the emergence of multiple channels such
as LinkedIn. Now the traditional way of job search is not preferred by the professionals who want quick
results transparently. Nowadays, multi-channel approach are required to get noticed by Canadian
employers. It has become easier with these portals to reach the right employer that suits your
requirements and profile. You can make the best use of social media to reach out to Canada’s HR
consultants and apply for recent jobs on the company websites.

  • Enrolling with the job search agency

You can also enroll with talent or job search agencies which can become crucial for the job hunt. The
process may be slower your social media approach, but it has resulted favorably for the Indian skilled
professionals seeking job opportunities in Canada. Your valid job offer can pave the way and increase
the probability for Canada PR. Alternatively, having a Canadian PR before applying for jobs can be more
convenient for job applications. The Canadian employer will look for candidates who have the right to
work in Canada. And, they would avoid the stringent process of sponsoring the job candidates. If you
have sufficient education, work experience, and points, it is wise to apply for a Canadian Permanent
residency before applying for jobs.

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