On Demand IT Jobs in Austria

On-Demand IT Jobs in Austria

Central Europe’s only landlocked nation is Austria. This nation in the centre of Europe can teach us a lot of things. In fact, Mercer named Vienna, the nation’s capital, the most liveable city in the world in 2019. Additionally, it is renowned for its excellent work-life balance, welcoming labour regulations, and increased emphasis on wellness and career prospects. All of this makes it a very alluring location for Indians seeking employment.

More than 281,000 positions are presently open according to the VP-job Wirtschaftsbund’s monitor, which examines all online Job Opportunities in Austria. This number is higher than average because not all employers register their openings with the AMS.

In Austria, there are just 340 thousand unemployed persons out of a total population of around 3.9 million. According to official statistics, over 650 thousand people are employed right now, and about 350,000 of them hold passports from Switzerland or Europe.

In practically every country, IT is the top industry with the most in-demand jobs.

In Austria, the average monthly salary for an IT employee is roughly 3,800 EUR. The lowest average salary is 1,970 euros, while the highest is 6,200 euros (the highest average, the actual maximum salary is higher).

In Austria, you can easily find a job in all IT areas, including 

Job Title Average Salary
2nd Line Systems Engineer 3,760 EUR
ABAP Developer 3,320 EUR
Advertising Account Planner 3,290 EUR
Android Developer 3,640 EUR
Angular Developer 3,370 EUR
Application Consultant 4,620 EUR
Applications System Specialist 3,290 EUR
Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Specialist 4,600 EUR
Artificial Intelligence Developer 4,660 EUR
AS400 Programmer 3,840 EUR
Assistant Information Technology Manager 4,640 EUR
Assistant Service Delivery Manager 4,390 EUR
Avaloq Developer 3,730 EUR
BizTalk Developer 4,020 EUR
Block chain Associate 3,580 EUR
Block chain Developer 3,390 EUR
Build and Release Engineer 3,540 EUR
Business Intelligence Analyst 4,160 EUR
Business Intelligence Developer 4,050 EUR
Business Objects Developer 3,630 EUR
Business Process Consultant 3,950 EUR
Business Systems Analyst 3,400 EUR
C# Developer 4,000 EUR
C++ Developer 4,080 EUR
Capacity Planning Manager 5,240 EUR
Change Administrator 3,380 EUR
Chief Information Security Officer 5,400 EUR
Client Delivery Manager 5,060 EUR
CMS Developer 3,080 EUR
Computer Animator 3,340 EUR
Computer Hardware Engineer 3,080 EUR
Computer Networks Architect 3,730 EUR
Computer Operator 2,640 EUR
Computer Technician 3,080 EUR
Copy Editor 3,010 EUR


The median, the maximum, the minimum, and the range

  • Salary Range

Austrian information technology salaries range from 1,970 EUR (the minimum average pay) to 6,200 EUR (the greatest average salary) (maximum average salary, actual maximum is higher).

  • Median Salary

In the information technology industry, the median monthly pay is 3,800 EUR, which implies that 50% of employees make less than 3,800 EUR while the other 50% make more than 3,800 EUR. The middle wage value is represented by the median. In general, you would want to be in the group earning more than the median pay on the right side of the graph.

  • Percentiles

The 25th and the 75th percentiles are two numbers that are closely related to the median. According to the pay distribution diagram, 25% of information technology employees make less than 2,600 EUR, while 75% make more than that amount. The diagram also shows that 25% of those employed in information technology make more than 5,000 EUR, while 75% make less than 5,000 EUR.


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