Now settle with family through the Germany EU Blue card

Now Settle in Germany With Family Through The Germany EU Blue Card

Create your home in Germany by applying for EU Blue card. This fast track permanent residence gives you a way in to one of the most secure, prosperous and best European nations and provided a roof for your near and dear ones as well.

With the Germany EU Blue Card gets you and your family access to 25 beautiful EU nations making it a card which helps you get permanent residency eventually then leading to citizenship. In just five to six weeks your application for this visa is approved.


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After 33 months you can apply for permanent residency wherein you have the right to work as well as establish your business in Germany as well as other EU nations. Your travel access starts after PR to 25 EU nations and the authorization to do business once you get your citizenship.

But before you apply for the Germany EU Blue Card, guarantee that you have looked for a job in this land for which your employer shall have to give you a work permit. There are online job portals where you can look for appropriate job prospects.

If looking for a job in order to settle there than the Germany Job Seeker Visa is a good option that not only allows you to stay back in Germany, but also delivers you the picture-perfect place for job search in the occupation that matches your skill as well as experience.

The greatest manner to go about eyeing for professions in Germany is to apply Germany Job Seeker Visa, which is basically a Long-Term Residency Permit that consents you to reside in the nation for a period of 6 months and at the same period seek for a job.


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If not Germany, then Austria is a great option for nice and well paid jobs. The Austria Job Seeker Visa is mainly and primarily a work permit covering a period 6 months and are provided to highly qualified applicants to come and seek job prospects in Austria. For more such queries you can connect with us by calling on 8595338595 or mail us at