Abroad Jobs

A Range of Effective Pathways for Pursuing Jobs Abroad

Searching for jobs in an unfamiliar land can prove to be a daunting task, especially without proper guidance and support. The work culture, recruitment norms, skills and qualifications requirements, and visa or work permit procedures differ from country to country. While searching for jobs abroad, an aspirant must consider every possible route towards this goal, and identify the most appropriate pathway according to their profile and purpose. Some of the most effective ways of conducting a thorough job search are listed below:

Personal Networks

It is beneficial to strengthen existing connections in the destination country, or establish new connections with headhunters, recruiters, prospective employers, and people working in the same profession overseas. This can be done by attending international conferences, joining trade associations, visiting the country, or directly approaching useful contacts.

Online Resources

An interested applicant can visit the websites of multinational or local companies in the country where they are eligible to find gainful employment – based on their skills, work experience and qualifications. These websites usually list any abroad job vacancy available in the organization. Social media websites such as LinkedIn can be used to actively promote oneself, and express interest in specific employers, who can view the job seeker’s professional profile.

Job Fairs

Major cities across the world regularly host job fairs, which provide a conducive meeting ground for job seekers and prospective employers. Such platforms offer the unique advantage of direct communication and fruitful interaction.

Job Agencies

It is in the best interest of an applicant to find an authentic job placement agency, overseas job consultancy, or online job portal. These intermediaries connect a job seeker to prospective employers who are authorized to sponsor qualified foreign workers. These services also provide access to an exclusive range of job opportunities abroad, which the job seeker may not otherwise be aware of.

Intra-Company Transfer

If the job seeker already works in a multi-national company or a company that is planning to expand operations overseas, they may be able to relocate abroad as an intra-company transferee in a foreign office. The foreign office should be a subsidiary, parent company, branch or affiliate of the organization that the job seeker is currently working for.

There is evidently a broad range of options available for persons exploring jobs abroad. Targeting job opportunities in a foreign land can also be a pathway for permanently or temporarily living in that country. This prospect allows skilled workers and their families to avail a plethora of social and economic benefits in their preferred destination.