Pathways for Skilled Workers Seeking Jobs Abroad

As the world becomes a global village, the transfer of skills and workforce between countries has broadened the horizons of ambitious professionals. There is no paucity of options for skilled professionals, workers or recent graduates seeking jobs abroad. The availability of abroad jobs for Indian nationals depends on their qualifications and potential for being integrated into the local labour market of the country or region they wish to work in via work visa.

In order to access these opportunities, it is essential to identify an ideal workplace in the preferred destination and select the most appropriate pathway for obtaining jobs abroad with work visa application procedures, which vary across countries. Some common pathways are:

Permanent Residence Becoming a permanent resident of a country allows the visa holder to live and work in occupations that are projected to be highly in-demand (across the country or in specific regions) in the long-term.

Temporary Residence Temporary residence is offered to those who possess skills that fulfil the short-term labour market requirements of a region, and can be employed in positions that cannot be filled by the local population.

Working Holiday Holders of a Working Holiday visa can temporarily reside, work, and sometimes study in a foreign country in specific occupations for a limited period of time, without incurring the high cost associated with the immigration process.This is typically intended for young travelers.

Employer Sponsorship Being nominated by a foreign employer who requires the skills or expertise of a qualified worker is a common gateway for securing jobs overseas. The employer may arrange a work permit, or sponsor the visa application for desired candidates. Employees working in an MNC may be offered a work permit for an overseas transfer – such as finance, IT or engineering jobs abroad.

Graduate Jobs Abroad  Jobs in abroad for Indian graduates are accessible through International Graduate visa categories, which are dedicated to students who have graduated from a university in the country where they intend to work and live in the long-term only.

Job Abroad Agency– Availing the services of an abroad job consultancy allows the diverse profiles of skilled workers in various occupations to be viewed by recruiters from across the world. Subsequently, employers can hire workers who will prove beneficial to their business with the mutual application of work permit.

Entrepreneurs Various countries encourage innovative ideas that can contribute to their national economy and boost job creation. Entrepreneurs can be granted a visa, provided they procure sufficient funds from designated organizations in a country where their business plan could potentially be successful. By pursuing these pathways, the lucrative benefits of securing jobs abroad can be unlocked. The possibilities for eligible workers with relevant skills and expertise are truly boundless.