Ten reasons to Apply for an opportunity card in Germany from India

Ten reasons to Apply for an opportunity card in Germany from India

Benefit 1: Quick Entry into Germany: Holders can legitimately enter Germany within 6-12 months. This is amongst the fastest pathways to finding a job and making Germany your permanent home.

Benefit 2: Opportunity for Permanent Residence: The card provides a pathway to convert your status into permanent residence after meeting the residency requirements, including a lawful stay in Germany.

Benefit 3: Attractive Income: The full-time annual average salary for a German employee is around Euro 46,000/-. For STEM and healthcare professionals, it can be over Euro 60,000/—per annum.

Benefit 4: Secured Work Permit: After getting a regular job offer, the status can be converted into a secured work permit with full social security benefits.

Benefit 5: Potential for full-time employment: The German opportunity card permits the holder to search for and get full-time employment.

Benefit 6: Permits part-time employment: Though the minimum wage for part-time jobs is between Euro 12.00 and 12.41, it is generally around Euro 16.00. If both spouses get part-time work, they can meet living costs while searching for a regular job.

Benefit 7: Permits Spouse and kids to accompany: The card permits the holder’s spouse to get a visa to work in Germany and for the kids to study. This enhances mental health, complements family reunification and increases family income.

Benefit 8: Offers Pathway to German Citizenship: German passports are among the world’s most powerful. They permit visas on arrival or visa-free travel to 194 countries. After meeting the residency requirements, the successful opportunity card holders can apply for German citizenship and a passport.

Benefit 9: Free Schooling and subsidised higher education: The card is met for younger candidates. They can be assured of a world-class education in school, absolutely free. They can also get free or subsidized higher education as they grow older.

Benefit 10: Get an EU Blue Card and work across Germany: If you get a job with a salary of more than Euro 45,000 in a shortage occupation, you can apply for an EU Blue Card.

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