Top Five Highly Sought-After Jobs in Germany

Companies in Germany are desperately looking for skilled, talented, and qualified professionals. There are so many jobs vacancies in Germany going unfulfilled as the country is facing labor shortages, and therefore, seeking overseas candidates to grab those jobs in Germany that are particularly high in demand. According to a report published in February 2019 by Bertelsmann Stiftung, Germany is extensively relying on immigration to address workforce shortage needs. By 2060, Germany is expected to raise its annual immigration requirements of at least 260,000 newcomers.  Also, on an average around 114,000 immigrants are expected to migrate to Germany from non-EU member states. This concludes that nearly 1,46,000 immigrants from non-EU countries are expected to arrive in Germany and join the country’s dynamic labor force.


In fact, in December 2018 the government of Germany introduced laws in favor of Skilled Migration to open pathways for talented and skilled overseas professionals to live and work in Germany. However, the law is yet to be passed by the Bundestag, which is expected in early 2020.


Having said that, qualified job seekers from abroad have good chances of landing a great career opportunity in Germany.


Looking for promising overseas jobs opportunities? Are you aspiring to be a part of Germany’s dynamic workforce? Do you want to know which sector is booming in Germany and looking out for more staff? If yes, then keep on reading as we have listed some of the most popular jobs in Germany.


The highest paying jobs of 2020 are expected to boom for professionals who belong to STEM field or Health Sector. The most popular jobs will be in the engineering, mechanical, IT, and electrical engineering industries. The healthcare sector will also experience a considerable momentum as the demand for nurses and caregivers will begin to spur.


According to CEDEFOP report, the year 2020 will bring a lot of hope for workers in the domains of science, engineering, healthcare, business, and teaching. Around 25% of these jobs will be directed to senior level professionals, 17% will be distributed to technicians, while 14% to clerical level positions in Germany.


Apart from the above, the below-mentioned list of jobs will witness a high demand in Germany in 2020 and beyond:

Health Care

Healthcare Professionals


Healthcare is a valuable industry in Germany, and therefore, witnesses a considerable shortage of skilled professionals throughout the year. Hence, individuals with a valid degree and relevant work experience in the field may apply to migrate to Germany and get a license to practice in the country.

IT jobs

IT & Software Development


Germany offers a booming market for start-ups, which has helped thousands of IT professionals to grab promising job offers in the past few years. With new companies being established, there is absolutely no dearth of job offers for skilled IT professionals seeking foreign jobs in Germany.  In 2020, job opportunities are expected to rise in software development and programming, IT analyst, and consultant.


Engineering Jobs


There will be enough number of jobs opportunities in various domains of engineering in 2020. This includes industrial mechanics, mechanical engineering, automotive engineering, etc. So, if you an engineering, you probably need not to worry about finding a suitable job in Germany.


Marketing and Business Communications


Smart and savvy marketers are required by almost every organization in the world. And, with start-ups mushrooming in different parts of Germany, there are ample opportunities waiting for marketing professionals. From content marketing to copy writing to PR marketing and email writing, there is everything for every marketing enthusiasts out there in Germany.


Nurses and Eldercare professionals


Germany in expected to recruit more elderly care workers and nurses abroad. The country is experiencing a serious shortage of qualified nurses and elderly care professionals who can address immediate healthcare needs as the nation’s population ages.




Do you love keeping all company’s accounts and statements aligned? Do you love playing around numbers and accounting calculations? If yes, then Germany’s finance industry is waiting for you. There are great finance jobs available in Germany that finance professionals can apply for. So, what are you waiting for? Apply for Germany job seeker visa today and take your first steps towards a fulfilling career. 


STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics)  


German employers are eagerly looking for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) graduates. The country has a number of job vacancies in IT, in research and development, and in engineering. STEM graduates have greater chances of finding a promising job, or even a permanent contract with competitive salary packages in Germany.