What are the benefits of obtaining an EU Blue Card in Germany?

What are the benefits of obtaining an EU Blue Card in Germany?

Do you wish to make Germany your second home? Are you dreaming of a European life? Look no further than Germany’s EU Blue Card. An EU Blue Card for Germany is a residence permit for non-EU nationals aspiring to live and work in Germany.

As the name suggests, the EU blue card is valid in all European member states except Denmark, Ireland, and the UK as they have their own jurisdiction for immigration policies. The card is issued for four years; if the employment contract is over four years, the blue card is issued for the duration of the employment plus an additional three months.


What are the benefits of having an EU blue card for Germany?

The EU Blue Card for Germany is extremely popular among highly skilled non-EU workers, as it provides many benefits that supersede other traditional work visas in Europe. Here are some of the most notable perks of having an EU Blue Card:

  • Freedom of travel with the Schengen area
  • Bring immediate family members to Germany
  • Pathway to permanent residency after 33 months
  • Access to high-quality social and healthcare schemes provided by the government
  • Salary and work conditions at par with the Germans
  • The holder’s spouse can work in Germany in a suitable job position


Why was the EU Blue Card Introduced?

The purpose of introducing the EU blue card was to make it easier for non-EU nationals to move to Europe to live and work. In recent years, Europe has dealt with several economic and demographic issues, such as an aging population, a labor crisis in many industries, and low competitiveness. Moreover, Germany needs more than one million professionals in the health sector. So, the most possible solution for these problems is skilled Immigration through the EU blue card or Germany job seeker visa. Because of this, the EU has relied upon skilled overseas workers from non-EU countries who can come to Germany and take up vacant job positions.

Because of high restrictions and bureaucratic processes, it has always been challenging for third-country nationals to apply for a work permit in Germany. Introducing the Blue Card in Germany presents a fantastic opportunity for non-EU citizens to fulfil their dream of living in Europe.


Eligibility to apply for an EU Blue Card for Germany

The following eligibility requirements must be met in order to apply for an EU blue card:

  • Be a non-EU citizen
  • Have a binding job offer from a German employer of at least one year
  • Have sufficient education and work experience
  • A valid passport


What is the processing time for an EU blue card?

It takes around three months or 5 to 6 weeks to get a decision on your application.


What happens when an EU Blue Card holder loses their job?

In such scenario, the EU Blue Card holder is still eligible to live in Germany for three months. However, they must inform the immigration authority regarding the termination of their employment contract in the country. The immigration department will specify a time duration for you to find a new job. Alternatively, you may apply for a job seeker visa in Germany that permits you to explore job opportunities in Germany for six months. You can learn about the job seeker visa eligibility from our immigration experts.


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