What is the Sweden job seeker visa process for 2023

What is the Sweden job seeker visa process for 2023?

The Sweden work permit is also known as Sweden Job Seeker visa whose process is same as that of Job seeker for applicants who dream of working in one of the most economically flourished and progressive nations of the world which is why we must know of Sweden job Seeker visa process.

The applicant should have a advanced degree which can be a master’s degree, PhD, advanced vocational degree or even what we know as a professional degree as a part of Sweden work permit process.

Also you need to have an intention to live and reside with the Sweden job seeker Visa process and capable of supporting yourself during the entire process. The job visa is granted for a minimum of 3 months and can be extended for as long as up to 9 months.

While submission of the application as a part of the Sweden job Seeker you shall be required to provide a letter submitting the Swedish Council for Higher Education (UHR) the right to connect with your educational institute to validate the educational documents you have submitted.

This Swedish Migration Agency submits your documents to UHR so that they can evaluate the level of your education. Have sufficient funds in order to support yourself during the entire Sweden work permit stay, have a comprehensive health insurance, have a valid passport as well, should be outside Sweden.

Also, the applicants should have an intention to start a business or work in Sweden. You can apply for Sweden work permit via online as well as at an embassy or consulate general.  To get a work permit you need a job offer and pay a Sweden job seeker visa application fee of 190€.

Once your employer has got the job offer you will get an email on how to apply and the job seeker visa process information. Do attach documents along with your application like copies of your passport pages and power of attorney.

The Sweden job seeker visa application fee can be paid using a Mastercard or visa and the application can only be submitted once you have paid the fee. For more on this topic, come and connect with our visa advisors by calling on 8595338595 or mail us at web@jobsvisas.com