Who can apply under Germany EU Blue Card?

Who can apply under Germany EU Blue Card?

Are you a skilled professional? Do you wish to work and settle in Germany? Then, Germany EU Blue Card is the perfect pathway for you. The pathways is for non-EU citizens with a higher education degree and the necessary qualifications to work in Germany. As per the latest report, Germany has over 700,000 available positions for skilled professionals in a wide range of fields such as information technology, healthcare, engineering, science, finance, management, accounting, architecture, construction, and more.


Want to know if you are eligible? Take a look at the list of sought-after occupations for EU Blue Card applicants:

  • Architects and interior designers
  • Engineers
  • Information and communication technologies specialists
  • Mathematicians
  • Health professionals
  • Scientists
  • Scientific engineers
  • Urban and traffic planning specialists


The eligible occupations are not limited to above mentioned profiles, as Germany welcomes skilled professionals from all occupations who meets the eligibility requirements. You can achieve the benefit of EU Blue Card if you meet the below requirements:


  1. Must have a higher education degree, either German or from a German recognized university.
  2. There are regulated professions such as health, law, engineering and teaching. Therefore, your degree must be recognized from authorities based on your profession
  3. Must have a job offer from a German employer
  4. Your proposed salary must be minimum 1.5 times the national average. It means, you must earn a minimum gross salary (before tax) of EUR 43,800
  5. However, if you apply for a job in a shortage occupations (science, medicine, engineering, IT, architecture, etc.), your minimum salary requirement is at least EUR 39,682.80 under Germany EU Blue Card


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