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Introduction to the Canadian Job Market:


Like most other developed countries, the Canadian job market offers abundant and diverse career options for skilled professionals. The majority of Jobs in Canada are concentrated the service sector, followed by manufacturing and natural resources. An encouraging indicator is the low unemployment rate (5.7%) which is consistently decreasing every month, as per recent statistics.

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How are the Job Demographics and occupations available in Canada?


Canada’s labour market recently witnessed its biggest month-on-month increase since 1976. This is a welcome call for all job aspirants who wish to move to Canada and do Canada Job Search, as the booming economy implies greater Job opportunities in Canada. Skilled professionals can take advantage of the ample opportunities to do jobs in Canada, especially in certain thriving economic sectors:

  • There is a frequent surge of employment in the private sector (+84,000), in comparison to the previous year. The number of private-sector employees have increased by at least 355,000.

  • Wholesale and Retail trade is another burgeoning domain that witnessed an increase in employment – 32,000 new jobs as of April 2019.

  • Construction is a booming industry in Canada, as evidenced by the increased employment – 29,000 new entrants as of April 2019

  • Skilled professionals from Scientific and Technical Services background can benefit from the abundant employment opportunities in this sector, which has grown by 63,000 since 2018.

How to attain Canada Immigration through Job offer?


Acquiring a job offer from a Canadian employer could make you may be eligible for a Canada work permit visa or Canada PR Visa. To this end, the following factors must be considered:


  • The Express Entry System – the most streamlined and swift program for immigration to Canada – comprises a Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) that selects eligible candidates to apply for permanent residence.
  • The candidate must identify the National Occupational Classification (NOC) code that corresponds with their job profile, as part of the immigration application.
  • After registering in the Express Entry Pool, the candidate’s application is awarded a CRS score. Canada Express Entry draws invite highest-scoring candidates to apply for PR on a regular basis.
  • By securing a valid job offer from an eligible employer after a thorough Canada job search, you can gain 50 to 200 CRS points, depending on the NOC code. Gaining these points improves the chances of selection.
  • Every Canadian province also has its own Provincial Nomination Program, which have dedicated pathways or ‘streams’ for immigration aspirants who possess valid job offers. Gaining a nomination under one of these ‘streams’ contributes additional 600 points to the CRS score.

Which Canadian province offers the most lucrative jobs?


In Canada job vacancies are available in all three major industriesmanufacturing, services, and natural resources.

  • Ontario is known as the commercial hub of Canada, with the maximum number of employment opportunities for job seekers. Manufacturing and IT are the most prominent industries in the province, along with journalism, arts and culture.

  • In British Columbia, small businesses comprise 98% of the province’s commerce and are the main source of employment for professionals working in the private sector.There are many available opportunity in British Columbia

  • Saskatchewan focuses on the production and manufacturing of foods and beverages, chemicals, machinery and wood products.

  • Alberta witnessed job expansion spread across several service-producing industries. Leading industries in Alberta include energy, agriculture and forestry.

  • Manitoba has a successful manufacturing industry that is mainly dominated by food, machinery, transportation equipment, and clothing.

  • In New Brunswick, one can explore job opportunities in the main industries of manufacturing and tourism.

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