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Chemical Engineer (NOC 2134 / 21320)


It is possible to work as a Chemical Engineer with a formal 4 year degree qualifications.

In addition, the following qualifications are recommended and may be required:

  1. A qualification in Chemical/Chemical systems with a focus on development of development or improvement of chemical engineering processes, reactions and materials. This could be a bachelor or masters level degree.
  2. Qualification as petroleum/material/mechanical engineering, may be accepted only if, a professional engineer has work experience in highly relevant domain.
  3. Diploma level qualification, need to assessed on case by case basis.


Chemical Engineer skills

  • Evaluate chemical process technology and equipment and determine production specifications
  • Establish and conduct quality control programs, operating procedures and control strategies to ensure consistency and adherence to standards for raw materials, products and waste products or emissions
  • Planning and implementing laboratory operations to develop new materials and fabrication procedures for new materials to fulfil production cost and performance standards.
  • Recommend raw material requirements and may work with the Purchasing department on vendor selection and qualification.
  • Write the standard operating procedures (SOPs) related to process engineering activities


Chemical Engineer responsibilities

Designs and prepares specifications for chemical process systems and the construction and operation of commercial-scale chemical plants, and supervises industrial processing and fabrication of products undergoing physical and chemical changes.


Particular responsibilities often include:

  • Supervise technicians, technologists and other engineers
  • Reviewing product failure data
  • Implementing laboratory tests


Median Wages: CAD 40.87 / hour

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