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Electronics Engineer (NOC 2133 / 21310)


It is possible to work as an Electronics Engineer without a formal 4 year degree qualifications. However, many employers prefer individuals to have qualifications in the field of Electronics, Software or Systems Engineering.

In addition, the following qualifications are recommended and may be required:

  1. A qualification in Electronics or communication systems with a focus on development of network communication/control system/electronic circuits. This could be a diploma in electrical/electronics, or a Bachelor’s degree majoring in Electrical and Electronics/Telecommunication/Electronics and Communication.
  2. Qualification as Computer Science, may be accepted only if, a professional engineer has work experience in highly relevant domain.
  3. Usually, 3 year diploma holders are considered under “2241 / 22310 – Electrical and electronics engineering technologists and technicians”


Electronics Engineer skills

  • Designing electronic components, circuits and systems used for computer, communication and control systems, and other industrial applications.
  • Designing software, especially embedded software, to be used within such systems.
  • Developing apparatus and procedures to test electronic components, circuits and systems.
  • Supervising installation and commissioning of computer, communication and control systems, and ensuring proper control and protection methods.
  • Establishing and monitoring performance and safety standards and procedures for operation, modification, maintenance and repair of such systems.
  • Designing communications bearers based on wired, optical fibre and wireless communication media.


Electronics Engineer responsibilities

Designs, develops, adapts, installs, tests and maintains electronic components, circuits and systems used for computer systems, communication systems, entertainment, transport and other industrial applications.


Particular responsibilities often include:

  • Electrical design for residential, commercial or industrial installations
  • Instrumentation and control systems
  • Supervise technicians, technologists, programmers, analysts and other engineers
  • Prepare material cost and timing estimates, reports and design specifications
  • Prepare contract documents and evaluate tenders for construction or maintenance
  • Meeting both technical and consumer needs.


Median Wages: CAD 45.13 / hour

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