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Industrial and Manufacturing engineers (NOC 2141 / 21321)


It is possible to work as an Industrial/Manufacturing Engineer without a formal 4 year degree qualifications. However, many employers prefer individuals to have qualifications in the field of Industrial, Mechanical, and Systems Engineering.

In addition, the following qualifications are recommended and may be required:

  1. A qualification in Industrial or any other with a focus on relevant engineering domain is required. This could be a diploma in Industrial/Mechanical, or a Bachelor’s degree majoring in Industrial/Instrumentation/Production/Manufacturing.
  2. Qualification in other engineering domain, may be accepted only if, a professional engineer has work experience in highly relevant domain.


Industrial and manufacturing engineers skills

  • Developing specifications for manufacture, and determining materials, equipment, piping, material flows, capacities and layout of plant and systems
  • Organising and managing project labour and the delivery of materials, plant and equipment.
  • Design, develop and conduct time studies and work simplification programs
  • Develop flexible or integrated manufacturing systems and procedures
  • Selection of manufacturing equipment, i.e. Machining Centers and post processing equipment
  • Understands and follows established rules, procedures and policies
  • Researches, designs, analyzes and recommends various technical solutions
  • Establishes, modifies, implements and ensures the monitoring of working methods, procedures, standards, rules and design criteria.
  • Analysing workforce utilisation, facility layout, operational data and production schedules and costs to determine optimum worker and equipment efficiencies


Industrial and manufacturing engineers responsibilities

Investigates and reviews the utilisation of personnel, facilities, equipment and materials, current operational processes and established practices, to recommend improvement in the efficiency of operations in a variety of commercial, industrial and production environments.


Particular responsibilities often include:

  • Inspecting plant to ensure optimum performance is maintained.
  • Support the maintenance technicians in their interventions to optimize actions.
  • Develop performance standards, evaluation systems and wage and incentive programs.
  • Supervise technicians, technologists, analysts, administrative staff and other engineers.
  • Determine human resource and skill requirements and develop training programs.
  • Conduct studies on the reliability and performance of plant facilities.
  • Alternative title – Process Engineer


Median Wages: CAD 38.03 / hour

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