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Introduction to USA Job Market & Demographics


To walk along the right career path, discovering the jobs in-demand is always a good move for every aspiring applicant. After all, you have to secure a future sooner or later by recognizing a career abroad, that is in demand and peaks yours interests. The Jobs in USA are very diverse and you’ll have plenty of in-demand career options to select, right from hospitality to health-care to technology, and the skilled trades.

And presently, the employment market of the united states is looking for job seekers. Unemployment rates are considerably low with opportunities for jobs in US expanding. Statistics have shown that employers from 13 different industry sectors have proposed to hire new staffs in the first quarter of 2019; out of which 23% of employers have expressed their plans to add you to their payrolls.

What’s more is that we also know the most sought-after degree to hire for in 2018-2019. Top 4 being Computer Science, Engineering, Business, and Communications (including public relations and advertising).

But, specifically, what jobs are in high demand and highest paying jobs in USA, you ask? We’ve identified the top jobs in demand overall based on the largest occupational change; that is, the largest number of projected new job openings.

Top 10 Jobs in USA

The top jobs in US can be seen in Health-related Occupations -to- Client Servicing Positions -to- Computer Science Professions. These jobs are in-demand and needs to be filled in 2019-2020

  • Personal Care Aide (Expected Job Openings: 777,600; Yearly Wages: $25,090)
  • Fast Food Preparation & Serving Worker (Expected Job Openings: 579,900; Yearly Wages: $22,140)
  • Registered Nurse (RN) (Expected Job Openings: 438,100; Yearly Wages: $75,510)
  • Home Health Aide (Expected Job Openings: 431,200; Yearly Wages: $25,330)
  • Applications Software Developer (Expected Job Openings: 255,400; Yearly Wages: $108,080)
  • Janitor (Expected Job Openings: 236,500; Yearly Wages: $28,950)
  • General & Operational Manager (Expected Job Openings: 205,200; Yearly Wages: $123,880)
  • Material Mover (Expected Job Openings: 199,700; Yearly Wages: $30,890)
  • Medical Assistant (Expected Job Openings: 183,900; Yearly Wages: $34,540)
  • Waiter or Waitress (Expected Job Openings: 182,500; Yearly Wages: $25,830)

Employment-based Immigration Programs for Jobs in USA:

To get the social security benefits of the country most people aspire for a Permanent Residence to the United States. Why worry at all, when you can be a legal permanent resident with the boon to live, work, and study in the U.S. Employment Authorization Document (EAD) is not required with this immigrant work visa.

Since these US work visa types are widely sought after, aspiring professionals from around the globe want them, but the U.S government has put a cap of 140,000 immigrant visas per year. Meaning that in all categories of visa with jobs in US, only 140,000 are approved per year. Thus, the waiting time tends to be draggy..

Below are the current prevailing Temporary Employment Programs for the U.S:

  • E1 – Employment First Preference: Priority Workers – People with Exceptional Professional Talent
  • E2 – Employment Second Preference: Professionals Holding Advanced Degrees and Persons of Exceptional Ability – People holding a labor certification approved by the Dept. of Labor.
  • E3 – Employment Third Preference: Skilled Workers, Professionals, and Unskilled Workers (Other Workers) –
  • E4 – Employment Fourth Preference: Certain Special Immigrants
  • E5 – Employment Fifth Preference: Immigrant Investors

Once the visa is granted to you, upon arrival at the United States, you’ll be requested for permission to enter the U.S. as the visa itself does not guarantee your entry into the U.S.

So, if you want to stay in US or even want to think about ‘how to get Jobs in USA,’ then you would have to review those important information you gave at the time of visa filing as you would be asked to give clarifications for your admission into the most powerful nation in the world.


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